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International Community

Despite the fact that it is a relatively young project, Saliena has already attracted a large number of residents from various parts of the world. Such is the welcoming nature of Saliena that families from Russia, Belarus, Iceland, the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries have already chosen to make it their home.

The heads of large European companies and diplomats from various countries choose to live in Saliena for various reasons. Some are attracted by the convenient location and the proximity of Europe, others by the opportunity to receive a residence permit on the most advantageous terms, but for a third group, it is the chance to take a break from city life, breathing fresh air and enjoying a tranquil and balanced environment.

Saliena is particularly popular among young families with children, because it ticks all boxes when it comes to fulfilling the criteria for an ideal residential location. Children of all ages communicate in various languages, attend modern schools and get to know the culture and traditions of other countries, thus expanding their horizons. And their parents are also happy, meeting new and interesting people and enjoying a peaceful, comfortable and European lifestyle.

Due to the special microclimate, friendly atmosphere and mutual understanding, Saliena attracts new residents from various parts of the world, making it a refined, vibrant and eclectic place to live.